Allen Hayward: My Ride, the people, procedures, and politics of lawmaking

The people, procedures, and politics of lawmaking at our state capitol

An extraordinary glimpse behind the scenes in Olympia, as told by a man who had a ringside seat for 34 years. Working primarily with House Republicans as senior legal counsel, the author was involved in many of the legal and political maneuvers of the last three decades. He offers a provocative perspective and often shines a humorous light on our shared history.

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TVW coverage of the House of Representatives honoring Allen Hayward on Friday, January 25, 2013 with the passage of House Resolution 4605.

TVW presentation of my remarks at the Gorton Lecture Series held at the Discovery Institute, Seattle WA.  

"Three Musty Steers"

bookThe author meets with editors Bill Engelhardt and Chris Christensen at Olympia's Falls Terrace Restaurant. Many productive book-planning sessions were conducted from this favorite corner table. The editors of My Ride have been crafting words to report the news and communicate with their readers all of their adult lives. Bill Engelhardt, left, and Derwyn "Chris" Christensen also served the Legislature and its members in the House of Representatives for many of the years covered in this book. It was my good fortune that for a couple of lunches, with appropriate beverages, of course, I was able to entice these two fine pros to help me make My Ride a reality. Thank you, gentlemen.